Natalie Wemba
Natalie Wemba

Natalie Wamba Berry

Natalie Wamba Berry was born 43 years ago in Congo-Brazzaville.  Her father is a Protestant Christian Congolese diplomat and her mother is a Jewish Israeli, so moving round the world became the landscape of her childhood.   She grew up to be a creative musician who combines these different worlds.
Natalie has always been a singer.
At concerts and festivals all over the world, she sings in three languages her mother tongue French, English and Hebrew, integrating a range of styles with the aroma of African and European cultures:  blues, jazz, reggae, funk, soul.

The songs she has written and composed came together in an album to be released shortly, and in an exciting show with the unique band of performers she has collected.  Their special sounds and instruments, the arrangements that bridge east and west, weave a colorful tapestry:  the Nagouni African harp, the Balafon African xylophone, together with the Greek lyre and a variety of percussion instruments.
With her liberal, humanist world outlook, Wamba Berry accepts the unique character of every ethnic group, religion and skin color, and maintains her connection with the earth, joy and rhythm.  With her natural, deep-rooted sounds and an authentic stage experience, Natalie's rhythms cross borders with a mixture of moving ballads, a unique voice and continuous dance movements.

On the stage:
Natalie Wamba Berry singer
Udi Ben Cnaan guitars, Greek lyre
Gilad Dobretsky percussion instruments, drums
Rani Lorenz base guitar, double bass.
Yoni Ohana Nagouni, Balafon
Motti Davidshvilli piano, keyboards
Leonid (Lenny) Sandersky saxophone
Musical production:  Sangit Segal