Babylon Dreamers

"Babylon Dreamers"

Director: Roman Shomnov
Documentary Film,2016


Winner of Newcomers' Prize at the Docaviv Festival
And the Forum of Documentary Makers
After the screening the director and the dancers will meet for Q&A with the audience

A group of youngsters from Ashdod, immigrants from the former Soviet Union, want to win the world break-dancing championship.  As they prepare for the competition, the height of their dreams as dancers, a picture emerges of a social reality of deprivation and alienation.   Mixer, 27, is supporting his family and trying to help his younger brothers, who have to live with their alcoholic mother. Potter, 21, is in the army, trying to maintain his dream of dancing, while being sole carer for his sick mother.   Desperation is a luxury that the heroes of this movie cannot allow themselves.